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Dear Dreamers,

                            I know that it kills your patience when you left a guild and then wait for another 2days to join another guild.Well, taken from the suggestion of a player we have decided to put a guild rejoin time resetter in the website.You can now start using it to reset your guild rejoin time.Please check it now!


Windows 8 Users

Dear Dreamers!

          After a few weeks of calvary for those who can't login using their windows 8 computers, I have a good news for you..You will now be able to play with Windows 8 just patch the client and then it's fixed. Have Fun!!! Please be active on forums. :)

Forum is now Online

After a long time of preparation!! Finally we have our own forum now...Please check this out. You guys will be able to interact with each other now as well as to us the Administrators :)

Patch Note [4/20]

Good Day Dreamers!!

Please take note of these updates

New Casual sets are added in the red chip shop for 35k RC each (same effect with the 140k RC fashions)
Glasses and cloaks added in perin shop

Awakening your Casual sets will only take 1 second
Guild Siege is moved to 6 P.M and 9 PM Server Time (Everyday)
Maximum players that can join GS is 12, and then first 7 will first first.
Ulquirra,Cloud,Sexy Butterfly and others were boosted
Scroll of Transfer Awakening's price changed to 800 perins                     Elemental Arrows were moved to Lui for 45k penya per piece

Kalgas Bridge is fixed
Stat Stacking hack is fixed


Patch Note [4/16]


We have received a lot of suggestions from your co-players this past few days and guess what? Some of them were made possible....

Here are the following changes:

We also have observed that looting of items by means of looter pet is time consuming because of the very slow movement speed. With this, we have multiplied its movement speed by 5.

One more thing is that when you awaken and remove awakenings, it really took us like 5-6 seconds which is really irritating and time-consuming, because of this we also changed it into 1 second for awakening and reversion..

Patch Note [4/13]

Server is now working fine!!

Patch Note [4/13/14]
Royal,Feather,Diamond and Star Accesories are added in Perin shop for 2,500 perins each.
Client crash during teleportation
Possible sources of duplicating items were fixed
Client stability increased
Scroll of Unbinding is made tradable
Casual sets with blessings are now tradable

Guitar Cloak Discount

                    10% discount on the guitar cloaks is applied!